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Nurses Wanted!

It’s time to get ready for vaccine delivery. The City of Toronto announced that is seeking to hire 100 Registered Practical Nurses to join their Vaccine Preventable Diseases team.

According to the city, they are looking to hire part-time nurses to work at various locations from Monday through Sunday, for about 70 hours every two weeks, the hourly rates range between $33.63 to $36.85. Ramping up the delivery of vaccines comes as the number of vaccines is going to stall for a month due to manufacture Pfizer need to increase its own capacity.

The city states that the “Registered Practical Nurse Public Health provides immunization services to the community and schools as required (e.g. Hepatitis B, COVID-19, Influenza, HPV).” With this news, the province is still under its Phase One of the vaccine rollout plan which is prioritizing long-term care residents, healthcare workers, and essential caregivers at long-term care homes in the priority regions such as Toronto, Peel, York, and Windsor-Essex.

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