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Limited Gatherings During Stay-at-Home Order

Provincial regulations now impose additional limits on what kinds of gatherings are permitted. Indoor social gatherings or organized public events of any size remain prohibited.

Individuals may only attend an outdoor social gathering or organized event if there are less than five persons in attendance and it is for a purpose set out in the stay-at-home order. The limited circumstances in which outdoor social gatherings can occur include for the purpose of a wedding, funeral, religious service, exercise and those engaged in by persons who live alone so long as the gathering is with one other household only.

The Toronto Police Service (TPS) says they will be focusing their enforcement of the provincial stay-at-home order on businesses and restaurants that are not following the rules, complaints for gatherings and ticketing gatherings over five people.

The stay-at-home order does not give police the power to enter a home or the authority to stop a vehicle for the sole purpose of checking if they are in compliance. And the order also clarifies that being outside is not evidence of a failure to comply with the order and people do not have to explain why they are out of their homes. Further, a person also does not need proof from their employer that they are travelling to and from work.

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